New Smyrna Beach Center

307 N Orange Street

At the Corner of Washington (North Causeway) & Orange

Free and confidential Services. 

Walk-ins are welcome, but an appointment assures your visit. 

For after-hours help, visit Option Online to chat with someone or call 1-800-712-HELP to talk anytime!

Our Team

Jessica Deese

Center Director

I am just one of God’s instruments here at the New Smyrna Center, but I would be tickled to share my story and how I came to have a heart for Grace House. God was preparing me before birth to be a member of His beautiful plan, “a prophet for His nations”! I had a rebel heart in my early twenties running from God. My decisions led me to two unplanned pregnancies and a blighted marriage. I thought my life was falling apart, but I see now that it was God stripping my life of everything that kept me away from Him. He used two unplanned pregnancies, and a pagan marriage, to set my feet on a path to Him. He knew the deepest desire of my heart was to have children and a husband to pour into them in the ways I so longed to be poured into myself. He also knew that was how He was going to get my attention and mold my heart for Him. In desperation and exhaustion from the effects of secular living, I cried out to Him surrendering my life devoting myself to be a vessel for his righteousness. Through my secular career I continued to see so many people in need of Him and their distance from Him always seemed to be centered around sexual immorality and tumultuous relationships. I wanted my life to align with Him in every way. I changed my major in college ¾ of the way through and eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology.  Today, I am remarried to a wonderful god loving man and BLESSED by my marriage daily as we raise my two children together, each step becoming stronger and bolder in our faith. My mom once told me that God gave her my middle name, that I would need to know who I am one day… I now know who I am; a humble servant for His bigger plan to love our members and facilitate an encounter with God in their lives through their pregnancies.  I am honored every day to see the blessing of God moving in our members lives and through the provisions of this ministry. I am so passionate about being one of the instruments that guide our clients in their relationships with God and in LIFE affirming decisions for their families.


Sophia Craun

Administrative Assistant

Hi! I’m Sophia, I am a native Floridian and was raised in an amazing home by my two parents and two siblings. They have always taught and shown me what it’s like to live having a strong relationship with Christ. When I was in middle school, I really noticed that I needed to decide what kind of person I wanted to be; as I saw sin more apparent. Thus starting my true relationship with Christ, which I seek to continue growing every day.

August 12, 2019 I made my second biggest decision to marry my (now) husband and am happily married, because Christ is first in our relationship. We enjoy just about all physical activities and things to do in the great outdoors, and are always up for an adventure. God has gifted me with a heart to serve others, as I strive to do so inside and outside of my family. Tyler and I are excited to grow our family by adopting our two puppies and having our own children in the years to come. 

I want to live with Colossians 3 in mind!

New Smyrna Beach Center
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